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Bedbug Exterminators

Bed bugs are rampant in Washington, DC. They aren’t killed with regular old bug spray, either. They have to be hunted down, cooked, suffocated and then they might be gone. We are experts at killing these bugs and keeping them from coming back.

We Treat For Termites

Our tent-less termite treatment is something to wonder about, but you can have it too! Quick, easy and painless, this treatment keeps your house from being damaged by these bugs intent on eating all the wood in the area!


We Kill Rats & Mice

Mice love to find food crumbs in our homes. They love to live in the walls. We stop mice, rats and squirrels from getting in in the first place. We also catch mice and trap rats and other rodents that are already there.

We Remove Bee Hives

We make sure that honeybees are removed and taken to be better used by local honey producers elsewhere. But if you have a wasp, hornet or other flying pest infestation, we will kill the insects and destroy the nest to keep your family safe from any harm these stinging bugs can do.

We Kill Roaches!

You’ve probably seen a cockroach before. They are also known as waterbugs or palmetto bugs. Whatever you call them, if you’ve seen one in your house, you should know there are hundreds, if not thousands more waiting to come out when the lights are out. Let us kill them all for you.

Wildlife Removal

Whether you have a problem with a raccoon, a squirrel or bird, we can get rid of the pestering animal. We will humanely capture it and release it in a better place for it to live (and way better for you, too!)


Spider Control

Spiders, although helpful creatures outdoors, can be a nuisance or even a health threat to you and your little ones if they are indoors. Whether it is a widow, recluse or even common house spider, we can eliminate the problem and keep these arachnids from returning to live with you.


Mosquito Control

Don’t let mosquitoes and their diseases and irritating bites get to you this season! We offer mosquito fogging and other treatments to help control their populations around your home. With Washington being built on a swamp, you know they are everywhere!


Scheduled Maintenance Service

Don’t get caught with an infestation on your hands! If you schedule regular services with us, you can be protected from most pest infestations. Plus, if a special infestation happens, you get a discout! For instance, if you get regular insect maintenance and you see mice.

Why Nest Pest Control Is
The Best Exterminator in DC

  • We Are Fast.

    We strive to provide pest control to each of our customers on the same day.

  • Talk To The Owner

    James has been providing pest control services for years! He answers the phone call

  • We Are Pest Control Experts

    Nest Pest Control has well over a dozen years of experience controlling pest problems in the Baltimore-DC area.

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I was sleeping in my car due to the bed bugs but then Nest Services came along and took care of my problem. I cant thank them enough for their professionalism and service. I will recommend them to anyone. Good people. We need more businesses like Nest Services. Worth the money.
Joyce Hammond

Washington, DC

Thanks to Nest Services, I no longer have a bug problem in my apartment. They have the best prices, were knowledgeable, on time, professional and very good at what they do. I will definitely use this company again. Thank you!!!
Shannon Jackson

Washington, DC

Pest Control Service Questions?

What Type Of Pest Control Are You Looking For?

You might have nasty cockroaches that need to be exterminated.

Or you might have a bee’s nest that needs to be removed.

Do you have ants that need control, or mice that need catching?

How about bed bugs?

We take care of all these bugs and so much more (remind me about the time I had to catch a groundhog that was tearing up the flowers!)

Pest Control Is What We Do.

We Keep Pests From Spreading Diseases, Destroying Your Property & Bringing Down Its Value!

Extermination Services We Do

Do You Need A Bed Bug Exterminator?

Bed bugs are rampant in Washington, DC. They aren’t killed with regular old bug spray, either. They have to be hunted down, cooked, suffocated and then they might be gone.

Do You Want To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

You’ve probably seen a cockroach before. If you’ve seen one in your house, you know there are hundreds more waiting to come out when the lights are out. We can eliminate roaches from your environment.

Are You Looking For Rodent Control?

Mice love to find food crumbs in our homes. They love to live in the walls. We stop mice, rats and squirrels from getting in in the first place. We also catch mice and trap rats and other rodents that are already there.

Do You Need Termite Control?

If termites are eating your house, you need to have our tent less termite control treatment. We will eliminates termites already there and create a barrier that prevents new termites from coming close. Even underground!


James Is Here To Help

I started in pest control over 12 years ago. Back then I was working with a good buddy of mine simply to make money. I found out that I really love this business, though, and so here I am all these years later.

When it comes to pest control, I want you to be happy with my service. That means we come back to make sure the treatments were effective, repeating the treatment if not. And we aren’t done till you are satisfied.

You can always reach me, too, just pick up the phone and call (202) 849-9626 and I’ll answer! That way you can always go straight to the top!

You Can Rely On Nest Pest Control.

Nest Pest Control Is Insured & Licensed

We have over a dozen years’ experience exterminating pests in DC.

Our specialty is getting rid of bed bugs, roaches & termites.

We will give you a free estimate of what it should cost to get rid of any pests you may have at your home. We will also do a custom check to make sure we tackle all pest problems that might be facing your home. We are the Beltway’s premier pest control company for a reason: we eliminate pest from homes and businesses. Period.

Everyone Gets World-Class Service

There are a few things you need to look for when you are choosing pest control services in Washington, DC. These are some of the things that help to set me apart from the other options you have.

There is no “run of the mill” skimping on customer service here. Instead we make sure your treatments are top notch and something you will want to show off.

If you are serious about a high-quality job at a fair price and top-notch customer service, you can’t go wrong with using Nest Pest Control for your pest control needs.

Call Nest Pest Control now, before our schedule fills up.


Make The Right Pest Controller Decision

Get Experience

We’ve caught, killed, trapped, poisoned and otherwise controlled every conceivable pest in Washington DC

Get A Good Deal

Our prices are fair and our service is great! Experience the difference of Nest Pest Control.

24/7 Service

Not all pests are conveniently taken care of during standard business hours, that’s why we can serve you almost any time!

Some More Pest Control Services We Provide:

Yes! We Remove Bee Hives Humanely!

We get rid of the annoyance of bees flying all over your property while safely removing the bees to be better useful in other places. If they are wasps or something, we completely destroy them so they don’t harm your family.

We Totally Control Ants.

Unwelcome guests at picnics and major pests in the kitchen, ant control is a popular need in Washington these days. We provide a comprehensive approach to ant control in your home or garden.

We Can Get Rid Of Spiders For You!

We get rid of all arachnids from your house. Black widow removal, brown recluses and wolf spiders can all be kept away from you and your family with proper treatment.

We Also Offer Mosquito Control

I hate mosquitoes. They bite and carry disease. We can protect your family by destroying these insects before they hatch, and after they are adults, too. The spray acts as a deterrent when used multiple times.

You Can Be Talking To James in Less Than A Minute!

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We can’t wait to talk about your pest control needs in Washington!
(PS, We also serve the surrounding area, including Rockville, Annapolis, Bowie and all of eastern Maryland)


We are professional exterminators of all insects, arachnids and other invertebrates who pester your home. This includes cockroaches, bedbugs, termites and more.

We save honey bees, but exterminate other dangerous flying insects like wasps, hornets or yellow jackets. Call us, we’ve treated silverfish, spiders, centipedes and even slugs. We can help you out!

Yes! We capture squirrels, possums, and raccoons. We exterminate rodents who may be carrying a disease and remove all wildlife to a better location where they can thrive in the wild.

It depends on your situation and if you need us to perform emergency service. We are open 24/7, but we do charge more for coming out after normal business hours (8AM-6PM). However, we will always give you a quote before we start any work and except for specific inspections, quotes don’t cost, so call us today!

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