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Are Ants Bothering You?

These little insects can really be annoying.

picture of a mouse for mice and rats exterminator in washington dc

Black ants marching in a row, foraging for food.

If any of these situations applies, call us now!

  • The black ants are all over my food in the kitchen.
  • The red ants are taking over the back yard.
  • We have stinging ants and they hurt!
  • Ants are eating through my siding.

We Exterminate Ants

Nest Pest Control has been controlling ant infestations in Washington DC and Maryland for over 20 years. We’ve taken that time to get to know the little creatures around us and consider the different ways to control their pestering us.

Queen ants can lay up to 800 eggs a day. That is a lot! Just spraying in the area doesn’t do much, because the queen rarely comes out. In fact, spraying the area, including the nest, just kills some of the workers.

Pretty soon, the ants will dig a new tunnel to a new place and start their march all over again. When treating for ant control, Nest will apply a granule bait that will attract the ants. They then bring this to their queen and feed it to her. This will eliminate the colony in time. It may take up to two weeks for all the ants to die away, but then you’ll be pest-free again!

We Can Start Treating on Our First Appointment

cockroach exterminator inspecting cabinets in Washington DC

James, inspecting the kitchen cabinets for ants, roaches or termites.

We start with an inspection.

The first thing we do after setting the appointment is to show up and inspect for ant infestations. We mark where the ants are coming from and make sure that we apply special bait for them to eat. We also spray a general solution to keep ants away from the house.

We are Ant Control Experts in Washington DC

With 30, 000 infestation treatments we’ve gained some experience and insight into different techniques for ant removal. We are a local company doing pest control in a big way. Join our customers and see the Nest difference.

little black ants in washington dc

Little black ants can really be a problem.

velvet ant near washington dc

Velvet ant near Washington DC. These are actually wingless wasps, but we control for those, too.

Be Ant-free Again And Breathe Easy!

Ant infestations, though not dangerous, can be pretty bothersome. When you use Nest to eliminate an ant problem, you can be sure the treatment will work. We treat the first day and then follow up, if needed, about two weeks later. This way you can be sure that the ants will be gone.

What Others Are Saying About Nest Pest Control

We work hard to give you a good experience. Here’s what some of our customers have said about that.

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Lets just say they get the job done… Nothing bad to say. They showed up on time. Very professional, and we have not had a problem since… They also came back a second time just tome make sure everything was was ok and retreated everything!!!

rodent control
July 22, 2022

Thomas did an excellent job. He came to my house on short notice and inspected the areas thoroughly. He came back one week later to make sure we were not having any problems. I would totally recommend Thomas to make sure the job is done. Very professional and pleasant to work with. 5+ rating!

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Excellent service. I was accommodated the same day which I greatly appreciated. Jamal’s service is outstanding not only does he have great customer service but he completed a thorough inspection of our home. He explained the treatments to us thoroughly and made sure to let us know what our toddler could/could not do after the treatment to ensure his safety. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the service and if we ever need to use a pest control company again it will 100% be this one. Thank you for taking care of us!

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    Different Ants Sometimes Require Different Control Methods

    There are thousands of ant species in the world. Although most can be effectively controlled by a method or two, some other require more specific insecticides, bait or other measures. Nest knows ants and will provide the correct treatment option for your case.

    pavement ant infestation near washington dc

    Pavement ant infestation near Washington DC

    ant control need for ants on pavers in washington dc
    Ant control need for little black ants on pavers in Washington DC
    carpenter ant near washington dc

    Carpenter ants will eat your house like a termite, but usually won’t bite you.

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    Our schedule fills up pretty quickly day-to-day. We want to make sure that we can come out and eliminate the ants from infesting your property, so call now to schedule a time for us to inspect your place.

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    Why Use A Pro?

    We have the experience needed to combat ant problems effectively.
    We are a local company that can respond to your individual needs better.
    We have the expertise for ant control and other pest control though training and experience.
    DIY home remedies often fail. We can fix that and get rid of ants at your home. Guaranteed.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      About those Ants in your Kitchen…

      Ant infestations in your kitchen are commonly attributed to “sugar ants””. Now, almost every ant species is attracted to sugars (thus why they invade picnics so much) but an actual “banded sugar ant” is a species from Australia, so not likely the ant in your kitchen.

      Usually, in America, the ants in your kitchen are one of few common species of ant found out here: the little black ant, the Argentine ant, the odorous house ant, the pavement ant or even the pharaoh ant, All of these types of ants are very small in size, maybe up to an eighth of an inch in length. But they are rather intrepid and will often create a colony indoors, not just outside. In Washington DC, we also have carpenter ants, though they usually don’t invade the kitchen.

      Pavement ants coming up through the cracks in a driveway. These guys make additional colonies that can sometimes be difficult to remove.


      There are lots of questions about ants, Nest Pest Control and pest control issues in general. Here are a couple of questions you might have.

      How long before the ant control treatments work?
      This all depends on the type of ant you have. Some species create satellite colonies and can take longer to destroy. Usually, two weeks is sufficient to notice a marked decrease in activity. However, it could take up to 4 weeks before the ants are fully under control again.
      How Long Will Ant Control treatments last?
      We guarantee that ants won’t return for at least four months. However, if you are on our regular service schedule, we can keep ants away for a lot longer.
      What ants are in Washington DC?
      While there are about 12,000 species of ant in the world, we only deal with a handful here in Washington DC. Pharaoh ants, little black ants, acrobat ants, ghost ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants and odorous house ants are the most common. If you are having a pard time identifying the type of ant in your home, call Nest Pest Control and we’ll inspect your home and ID the ant for you.
      Who will I talk to on the phone?
      Most of the time you will talk to the owner of Nest Pest Control, James. If he for some reason can’t answer, then you will speak with one of our dispatch technicians to set up an appointment at your home.

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      Fill out this form about your pest control problem and we'll call you back!

        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)