Ant Control Washington DC

You Won't Have Any More Ants In Your Home!

Do ants bother you?
The black ants are all over my food in the kitchen.
The red ants are taking over the back yard.
We have stinging ants and they hurt!
Ants are eating through my siding.

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Ant Control Washington DC

We’ll Get Rid Of The Ants Invading Your Home!

Nest Pest Control Has Treated Thousands Of Ant Infestations In Washington, DC!

How Soon Can Nest Start Controlling Ants?

We could be there as soon as today, if you call us. We’ll make sure that we completely eradicate the ants from your home.

What Happens Next?

You need to call and talk to James! He is the owner and will be able to answer your call and questions. He will then dispatch a tech to your home for treatment!

Ant Control Experts

With 30, 000 infestation treatments we’ve gained some experience and insight into different techniques for ant removal. Join our customers and see the Nest difference.

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A Great Review

Lets just say they get the job done… Nothing bad to say. They showed up on time. Very professional, and we have not had a problem since… They also came back a second time just tome make sure everything was was ok and retreated everything!!!

Jessica Kelly, Bethesda, MD

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33 Missouri Ave NW #8
Washington DC

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Got Pest Control Questions?

Here Are Some Answers

Do You Take Care Of Velvet Ants?

Velvet ants are actually a type of wasp. They are very hairy and actually a beautiful bug. Unfortunately, they also have a wallop of a sting. If you have a velvet ant in youyoard, please call us to take care of it! We’ll make sure you and your family are safe.

What Other Pests Do You Remove?

We’ll remove bee hives and destroy wasps nests. We exterminate cockroaches and other bugs that might be crawling in your house. We are bed bug control specialists and are dedicated termite controllers.

Finally, we are also wildlife control experts. We remove raccoons, squirrels and birds, but we also trap or kills rodents to keep you safe from their diseases. Call us for more info.

Are You A Local Company?

We are about as local as you can get! Although we service all of eastern Maryland, we spend an awful lot of time here in DC. Call us 24/7 to take care of your pest control services.