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Wasp Nests Can House Thousands of Wasps

They Are Very Aggressive When Defending their Nest

bald faced hornet nest on home near washington dc

This bald-faced hornet nest was removed by Nest Pest Control. They are mean and nasty bugs, so call if you spot a nest.

When Is It Time To Call A Professional To Remove A Wasp Nest?

  • Are there a lot of wasps near your home?
  • Are they building paper nests that can destroy your siding, paint or other surfaces?
  • Have your children been stung by these insects?
  • Are your pets getting too curious about the wasps nest?
  • Are you concerned about murder hornets, killer bees or other wasp-like creatures?

Nest Pest Control Removes Wasps Nests in & Around Washington DC

Wasps are an interesting creature. One of the best things they do is keep down populations of other insects like flies, mosquitos and more. But when they start building nest on or around our houses, that’s when it can become a bad thing.

Most wasps in DC on houses are the paper wasps that we see all over this country. They use wood pulp mixed with their saliva to create the paper nest they use. The wasps tend to eat other insects, but if they are creating a nest on your home, you’ve got two problems.

First, you have a wasp nest on your house. Not a good thing and in dense areas like the Washington DC suburbs, this can create hazardous conditions for you, your neighbors and children.

Second, it means there is an ample food source nearby. That means bugs at your home. So now you might have a pest control problem in general, too!

We make it easy to get rid of a wasp nest.

James in front of white truck for Nest Pest Control services in Washington DC

James answers the calls and sometimes will be the tech assigned to your home, too!

Call Us Up, We’ll Set A Date

The first step to getting rid of a wasp nest is to call us. We’ll talk about options, locations and whatever else we might need to know and then set a time to assess your situation at your home. We’ll bring our equipment so we can remove the nest right then, too.

Relax, We Are Professionals & Experts.

We’ve removed a lot of wasp nests around Washington DC over the years and have gained a tremendous amount of experience in removing wasp nests. We also are pest control experts in general and can keep these wasps from coming back, too.

wasp and bee differences image

The differences between a wasp and bee can sometimes be small, but distinct.

european hornet detail

This hornet will kill honeybees to take over their hive and eat the honey.

Protect Your Family

Keep your family safe from wasps and their stings with a wasp nest removal by Nest Pest Control. We’ll make sure to clean up the area and take the nest away. We will also treat the area to keep other wasps from building a new nest where we just removed one.

Don’t Get Stung, Read These Reviews!

Many of our customers leave reviews. We’ve collected a few of them here for you to read. Some are about wasp nest removal, but also other pest control topics.

Rodent control
July 22, 2022

I truly appreciate the dedicated courteous reassuring calm service of Nest pest. I appreciate that mr. Williams did a super thorough walkthrough and sealed up any possible entry places for mice. I more than appreciate his willingness to come back when we declutter certain areas to make sure that we have totally sealed our home from The Unwanted entry of these pests. It is truly the most thorough job I've ever had!

Bed Bugs Exterminator
July 22, 2022

James at Nest Pest Control was the best! We were doing Airbnb and some guests brought bedbugs to our home. We didn’t even know we had them. We got a free assessment and James showed us where they were. While we could only find them in the Airbnb guest room we opted for an entire house treatment as it was the only way they could guarantee extermination. Good thing we did! Weeks later we were still having problems in the guest room and now in our own room. James had to come back two or three times. Thank goodness the company guaranteed extermination for 90 days because despite all our efforts those little things can hide. Its now been 5 1/2 months since we found out about the bed bugs and we can say they haven’t come back anywhere in our home. James responded quickly to any of my texts or calls with concern and even helped my mom who had stayed with us and was worrying about them spreading to her home. On top of all this we didn’t lose any of our furniture! He was able to treat it all.

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Nest Pest Control did a great job, they got ride of my silverfish that had a problem for years. Thanks Nest Pest Control for being on time and taking care of my issue. Will definitely use your services again!

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    We Also Remove Wasp Nests That Are Up High

    We were called by a customer that was concerned about the wasps flying into their son’s room. Typically, this wouldn’t bother them, but they realized it was happening a lot. As they inspected their house, they saw a wasp nest high in the gable attached to a wall. Since their home was on a little hill, this made accessing the gable a bit more challenging for them.

    They called us to see if we could remove the nest. And we did. We have access to everything from tall ladders to cherry pickers to help us in our pest control efforts.

    After removing the nest, there was still a little clean up to do, but we got that taken care of pretty quickly. Since the glue that is used to stick the nest to the wall is strong, it stripped the paint a little, and the customer just repainted that section.

    In the end, the nest was removed and the customer and their family are protected from wasp stings.

    wasp nest before removal

    This wasp nest was high on the gable of this house, about 23 feet off the ground.

    after removing wasp nest near washington dc

    This is after we removed the nest, but before final cleaning. Unfortunately, no picture exists of that.

    man stung in face by wasp

    Getting stung in the face is no joke! Protect your family from terrible wasp stings by getting that wasp nest removed.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      There are a few things you can do to make your home less appealing for wasps to build their nests on.
      Here are 5 ways to DIY wasp control:

      1. You need to get rid of food sources, first. (Technically, it is wasp larvae that eat other bugs, but they are caught by adults, mashed and brought back to the hive.) So, get regular pest control treatments. This will keep cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, and other bugs away from your home. I call that a win-win.
      2. Wasps also like protien-rich trash. So make sure your trash can is regularly emptied, covered and (best-practice) kept in the garage or other covered, enclosed space.
      3. Adult wasps eat nectar and fruit, too. So if you have fruit trees, be sure to clean up any fallen fruit so there is less food for them laying around. This also keeps other pests away, especially in fall.
      4. Wasps are attracted to colors like yellow, white, pink, green, and purple. They look like flowers, where they get nectar from. So minimize these colors, especially at entrances and especially with flowered shapes.
      5. Finally, keep outdoor water sources to a minimum. Especially stagnant water. This will keep mosquitoes down, too.
      bald faced hornet nest on home near washington dc

      Bald-faced hornet nest. Yep, we remove these types of nests, too! Just call Nest Pest Control to get rid of stinging insect nests on your property.


      We know that not all of your questions have been answered on this page about spider control in Washington DC, so here are a couple that are commonly asked. Then, call us and ask any more you have and we’ll get you educated to make a good decision.

      Will wasps live in the same hive year after year?
      Actually, no. During winter, most of the wasps in a nest will die off. The queen alone will survive, seeking shelter indoors, if possible. The rest of the hive succumbs to starvations, actually. It’s pretty brutal.
      How soon can you remove a wasp nest from my home?
      The sooner you call, the better. We might be able to help you on the same day, though there is no guarantee. This is also one type of pest control we only do in the daytime. That way we are less likely to get stung.
      Who will I talk to when I call?
      The person answering the phone almost all the time is James, the owner of Nest Pest Control. If needed, he’ll transfer you to a dispatcher or even a technician, but can handle most things most of the time wherever he is.
      Is there a guarantee?
      We do have a guarantee against the rebuild of a nest in the treated area for this season. But if your whole house isn’t treated in general, or if it is the next season after the treatments wear off, call us again when you need to remove another wasp nest.

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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)