Bee Hive Removal Washington DC

We Save The Hive And Move It To A Beekeeper When Possible

Nest Has Saved Thousands Of Bees!

Bees are great. Their hives in your home, destroying property, are not.

Removing a beehive is not so simple a thing though.

bald faced hornet nest on home near washington dc

This ia a bald-faced hornet nest. We remove these to keep your family safe.

Why do you want a bee hive removed?

  • The bees are good pollinators and are needed, so save them when possible.
  • Their hives in walls or roofs can damage your home.
  • You need to be sure they are honeybees and not wasps or hornets.
  • All stinging insects have the potential to hurt you or your children, so remove them!
  • Often, the nests are hard to reach, so professional help is needed.

Nest Pest Control Removes Bee Hives Safely

There are three major species of flying stinging insect here in the DC area. First are the helpful pollinators. Honeybees are in decline recently, so we take pains to save their colonies when possible. We then make sure to take them to a beekeeper so they can continue to do their work of pollinating plants.

Next, we have non-honey bees. Usually these bees stay away from homes. They tend to build their nests in trees or the ground far away from people. But occasionally they will attach to a home. We will remove these nests, too.

Then we have Hornets, wasps and yellow-jackets. Wasp nest removal includes destroying the colony, and we do that. We destroy hornets nests and yellow jacket nests, too. These can be especially harmful to homes as the “glue” they use to attach to the house can sometimes destroy the siding or stay on the brick for years.

Don’t Sweat, Call Nest Pest Control to Remove A Hard-To-Reach Bee’s Nest!

james owner nest pest control with client

James, on the right, with a client.

Talk to James. The owner!

James has been in the pest control business a long time and loves taking care of customers. Bee removal is a highlight because it is different than run of the mill pest control and so he will be more excited than normal.

Nest Has Some Serious Expertise Chops.

We’ve been handling bee hive removal for a long time, here in Washington DC. In fact, we have over 2 decades worth of experience and have removed hundreds of hives. We’ve also destroyed hundreds more wasps nest like the one pictured.

bee hive on ground after removal near washington dc

This bee’s nest was in the soffits of a home in the suburbs.

european hornet detail

European hornets are an invasive, but well-established, species.

Breathe Easy, Know Your Family Is Safe.

When we remove the hive, we’ll make sure that there is a repellant placed to keep bees, wasps or whatever from re-nesting at the same location. In fact, they shouldn’t come near your home at all to nest. This way you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Some Customer Testimonials of Nest Pest Control in Washington DC

We ask our customers to leave reviews, good and bad, so we can recognize what we do good and where to improve.

Amir hossein Ganjbakhsh
Amir hossein Ganjbakhsh
Nest Pest is the best we will recommend to anyone 👌
Musa Badaway
Musa Badaway
Nest Pest Control is the best they got rid of my mice problem. We tried everything and nothing work. Nest Pest came out and found all of the mice entry points. We will recommend Nest to anyone!
Jasmine Boatner
Jasmine Boatner
I had a yellow jacket infestation around my roofline. The technician had to remove my gutters and a wooden board to access the nest, so it was kind of a complicated job. He got the nest out, reattached everything, and caulked the roof so no more bees/wasps can make a nest there. He was very quick and efficient! He even swept up after he was done. Price was fairly reasonable when you factor in that the nest was difficult to access. I’m glad the yellow jackets are gone and I can enjoy my balcony again!
Johanna Rosales
Johanna Rosales
Did an amazing job removing a hornets nest that grew on the side of my home on the second floor. They were quick, efficient and the price was reasonable! Will surely keep them in mind if I ever need pest removal again.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Found a new and thriving hornets nest on the back of my house this morning. I called Nest Pest after reading the great reviews. 4 hours later, two technicians showed up (on a Saturday) and were ready to take on the nest. They were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and I thought the price was quite reasonable. The job was completed safely and efficiently they provided good education.
Jennie Gross Black
Jennie Gross Black
Very responsive, fast, and thorough!!
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson
Thomas and his coworker were incredibly professional, hard working, and experts at what they do. They impressed not only me, but my neighbor as well who gladly accepted his business card. I’m glad to be in good hands with your technicians and company. I am looking forward to the $65 monthly services to keep the rats away from our front yard. The initial $525 service included eradicating and identifying burrows, and the courtesy follow up (scheduled a week after initial service) is already scheduled. Although the initial service was expensive, it's worth every cent. And $65 a month after is a great deal. Thank you again.

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    wasp nest before removal

    We Know The Difference Between A Bee Hive And Wasp Nest

    You probably know the difference between a beehive and wasp nest, too, but a lot of people do have trouble recognizing the difference. This is especially true when the hive is in the rafters, or behind a wall or otherwise obscured or high in the air.

    There are a couple of things that we do when preparing. We need to know:

    Is it a bee hive? (We will get a local honey producer to take the bees if so)

    What story is the nest on?

    How big is the wasp nest or bee hive?

    After we determine what kind of insect we need to work with and where the nest is located, we can get to work removing the hive. If it is a bee’s hive, we will put them to sleep and as carefully as possible remove these precious pollinators to a different locale where they can be put to work. If the hive is too invasive, we save what we can, but must destroy the rest.

    If the nest is of wasps, yellow jackets or hornets, we will spray them with a chemical that is lethal to these pests. After all are dead, we will carefully remove the hive from wherever it is and destroy it for good. We then douse the area to make sure no other wasps will create a new nest anytime soon.

    We are Nest Pest Control in Washington DC. We’ve done a lot of good work and are looking forward to helping you with your pest control issue. So call, text or email us and we’ll be over quick to help you out!

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    Nest Is the Best For Bee Hive Removal in the Washington DC Area

    We have the expertise you need to get the job done right.
    We have the experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
    We have the connections with local apiarists to make sure bees are kept well and useful.

    Our pricing, service and workmanship are excellent.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Here’s a job we did…

      When you have a swarm of bees building a nest on your house, you need to get them out of there quick! They can destroy the house by eating the frame or siding to make the paper for their nest, plus the nest itself damages siding, soffits and fascia. The insects are also potentially dangerous to your family, whether they are wasps, hornets, yellow jackets or even honey bees.

      When we were called to come out and remove the enormous hive on this house, we were surprised it had grown so large! Then again, if it’s not in your face when you are going in and out of your house, a nest can grow without you even realizing it. This nest was made apparent once the bees started to fly around the family’s son’s room.

      They called Nest Pest Control to come and remove this hive. The last image is just another example of a removed wasp’s nest from the job we did with the image earlier on this page.

      bee swarm in soffits near washington dc
      bee hive on ground after removal near washington dc
      after removing wasp nest near washington dc


      Maybe you have had a question about bees, pest control or our company. So have others and here are a couple. Call us with any other questions!

      Do you remove carpenter bees, too?

      We do. And there is a great reason to do so. Unlike termites, carpenter bees typically do not damage the structure to the point of collapse. However, their natural predator, the woodpecker, will be attracted to your home to eat them and their larvae. This can really cause damage, so we need to get there fast, exterminate the bees, seal up the holes and keep those birds from pecking your home to bits.

      How much does it cost to remove a bee's nest?
      I hate to say it, but, that all depends on your situation. How high above ground is it? Is it inside the structure or on the surface? What kind of insect are we treating for (carpenter bees really dig in and sometimes multiple treatments are necessary, for instance.)
      The best thing to do is to call us, or send a message using our forms, and tell us about the situation. We can then give an estimate that will be pretty accurate, unless we find some other problems to deal with.
      How soon can you remove this wasp nest?
      If you call now, we can usually schedule you in within a day or two. In late summer, it might be a little longer, whereas in the winter, we might be able to do it same-day (almost no nests are around or made in winter, unless it is existing.) The nice thing about winter is that all the insects are hibernating and easier to remove. But in summer they are easier to find, so either way, you need them removed!
      Who will I talk to when I call?
      You will speak with James, most likely. If not, you will speak with one of our dispatchers and they can answer your questions, etc. James is the owner of Nest Pest Control, a DBA of Nest Services

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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)