Termite Inspections in Washington, DC and Maryland

Breathe Easy Knowing Your New House Is Good To Go

We’ve Inspected & Treated Thousands of DC/MD Properties

It’s A Requirement To Have A Home Inspected For Wood Destroying Insects Prior to Sale

Wood Destroying Insects Include Termites, Carpenter Bees & Ants & Powderpost Beetles

termite mud tubes from subterranean termites in washington dc

Mud tubes, leavings and wood rot in the basement of a home in Washington DC.

We Will Identify Any Of These Invasive Insects. Plus:

  • Our inspection process is pain-free and easy to set up.
  • We will identify any pest problems you are having so the seller can get it fixed before you buy your home.
  • We can also treat for termites and other wood-destroying insects.
  • We are licensed and insured so you can be sure of professional inspection techniques.

Nest Pest Control Inspects For Wood-Destroying Insects in Washington DC & Maryland

We will perform a visual inspection of the property. We will also test susceptible or suspicious wood parts of the house to determine the likelihood of an infestation.

These are the areas required by law for us to inspect:

  • The interior of the home, including the basement.
  • A minimum of 3 feet surrounding the building.
  • We also inspect the garage and within 3 feet of it. This goes for attached and detached garages.
  • We will inspect any outbuildings like sheds that are within 3 feet of the residence or garage.
  • Finally, we will inspect “A maximum of 10 linear feet of the nearest portion of a fence on the property that is within 3 feet of the residence or garage” per law.

We will inspect for visual evidence of termites like mud tubes and piles of wings that indicate you have a swarm infestation. Outside, in the soil, is another place that termites like to travel to your home. We will check for evidence there, too.

We will look for evidence of other insects, too. Like holes and chewed wood that carpenter ants and carpenter bees leave behind. Powderpost beetles will leave different evidence, though it may look similar: holes and sawdust where they are entering the structure.

We make it easy to get an inspection done.

detail of termites in a termite colony
Termites in a termite colony.

We Can Inspect Your Home Quickly & Painlessly

This is an important step in buying a home and we can make the decision and process much easier by getting you a state-approved inspection completed. We also set time aside every week just for these important inspections and we are flexible at other times, too. So call and schedule one today.

We are professionals. We’ll do it right.

Some pest control companies aren’t licensed for termite inspections in Washington DC or Maryland. We are (and in Virginia, too, just FYI). This should help you breathe easy knowing your home or potential home will be inspected properly and the paperwork done right, right from the start.

Pest Control expert applying termite control in washington dc

James applying a termite or general pest control solution to the exterior of a home in Washington DC.

wood rot from termites. needs termite control

Wood that has been eaten by termites is exceedingly brittle and could collapse on you and your family.

Protect Your Home & Family With A Termite Inspection.

After the inspection is completed and submitted, you’ll be able to complete the sale. If evidence is found of an infestation, we can offer a termite control service, sometimes even right on the spot. After treatment, a new inspection will be made and submitted showing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Pest Control Reviews

Want to see what other people are saying about us? Here are a couple of reviews to read.

Rodent control
July 22, 2022

I truly appreciate the dedicated courteous reassuring calm service of Nest pest. I appreciate that mr. Williams did a super thorough walkthrough and sealed up any possible entry places for mice. I more than appreciate his willingness to come back when we declutter certain areas to make sure that we have totally sealed our home from The Unwanted entry of these pests. It is truly the most thorough job I've ever had!

Rodent Control
July 22, 2022

My son saw a rat in his new apartment (Friday night) but companies that we called weren't able to come until Monday. James responded right away and Dejohn came out within two hours to take care of it. They were professional and responsive. My son would have been fretting all weekend without their quick service.

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Nest Pest responded quickly, explained what they were doing, what to expect, and what to look for. He set traps, followed up twice to ensure that no more work was necessary. Very thorough and professional.

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brown winged termites from swarm near washington dc

Feel Good Buying That Home With A Clean Report

Even if the inspection comes back as showing evidence of an infestation, we have treatment options at a good price. So the home can sold relatively quickly.

One time we did an inspection and found evidence of swarming activity. The termites hadn’t done any damage to the structure, yet, but we were able to treat that Washington DC home and the owners were able to keep the contract intact and the sale went through just fine.

Most of the time we find no evidence of termites, but these pests are endemic to the DC/Maryland area so it makes sense to get an inspection as early in the sales process as possible.

Call Soon. Don’t Delay.

The sooner you get the inspection completed, the sooner the home can sell.

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We Are The Best Choice For Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

We are licensed: MD31209
We are professionals with the experience and training needed for these reports.
We know termites and have treated thousands of homes for these invasive pests.

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Did you know…

It is the buyer who is responsible for obtaining a wood-destroying insect (WDI) report. Unless the buyer is using a VA loan, then it falls on the seller. However, if the report comes back positive, then the seller is required to treat the home, up to 2% of the home’s cost.

The WDI report will include several sections. First, it will show which sections of a property were inspected. Sometimes there are areas of a property that are not accessible. These will be noted as will all accessible areas of the property.

The report will provide the details of the visual inspection. We will indicate if we saw signs of infestation, like dead wood-boring insects or other evidence of them.

The inspector will include a map of the property, and point out which areas have damage caused by wood-destroying insects.

Finally, we will include an estimate for termite treatment to rid the property of termites and other insects like them.

The homeowner is not obligated to use any specific pest company to repair and treat any damage, though we will make the offer.

termite fungus garden detail image
3 meter termite mounds in africa
termite infestation in washington dc basement


Many folks have questions about the termite inspection process, Nest Pest Control and more. Here are a few. If you have something else on your mind, feel free to call, please.

How much is a wood-destroying insect report?

Starts at $600 for a pretreatment. Call and talk to James for a further explanation of what that entails.

Do you have a maintenance package?
If you want preventive treatment at your home we have several options. First of all, standard pest control options start at $130 per quarter. We also have ongoing termite treatment options. And mice control, so it really depends on which preventive service(s) you require.
Who owns Nest Pest Control?
James is the owner of Nest Services, LLC, the company. Nest Pest Control is a DBA of the company and is thus also owned by James.
Are you a local company?
Yes, we have a home office in Greenbelt and several satellite offices around DC/Baltimore.

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