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aedes aegypti on leaf washington dc

Spiders aren’t insects, but we control these bugs, too. This is a wolf spider.

Insect Control in Washington DC Area Is A Must-Have Service

  • Insects can eat your home, food and gardens.
  • Insects like roaches can carry disease.
  • Bugs are bothersome when they run rampant everywhere
  • Insect nests can damage property
  • Some insects bite or sting and can injure your family and pets
  • Wouldn’t you like to breathe easy again knowing you had good insect pest control at your side?

Nest Pest Control Is The Solution To Your Insect Control Problem

We’ve been Washington DC exterminators for a very long time. That means we have tons of experience and we know the bugs in your backyard better than anyone. We also continuously train to understand better, more effective pest control techniques.

Insects provide a lot of benefit to people. They pollinate flowers for our food, they break down dead and rotting wood, grass, and other flora. They also consume and break down dead animals. The world would be a lot more smelly without bugs.

The problem is when they want to make your home theirs. The nests they build can be in the wrong places and cause damage to the frame or roof of your house. They track in disease from all the bacteria that are on those dead things they are breaking down. They’ll eat your food, because it is more convenient than foraging out in nature.

When these problems happen, Nest Pest Control is here to make your day a little brighter by controlling these insect infestations and eradicating them from your home.

Nest Makes It Easy (and Fast) to Get Pest Control At Your Home.

james owner nest pest control with client

James, the owner of Nest Pest Control poses with a customer in this photo.

Just Call. James Will Answer.

When you call us to set up service, James will be the one answering the phone, most of the time. He is the owner of Nest Pest Control and has a lot of experience controlling pests.

Set An Appointment for Inspection By A Professional

We’ve been working in this industry for over 20 years. That gives us a lot of expertise in pest control. At the inspection, we’ll find the ways pests are entering your home and make recommendations. We will also be able to treat right then, so you can get immediate, professional results.

James in front of white truck for Nest Pest Control services in Washington DC

James in front of a white truck for Nest Pest Control services in Washington DC.

clean comfortable house representing easy pest control in Washington dc

Protect your home with Nest Pest Control.

Relax, We’ve Got Your Back

We are a local company. More responsive and attentive to your needs, because you are our neighbor. We’ll eliminate pest problems from your home so you can breathe easy again.

Here Are Some Pest Control Reviews

Sometimes the only opinions worth reading are others’ about us!

Rodent Control
July 22, 2022

Nest Services came out and did a great job getting rid of my mice. We call about three other company’s and they couldn’t get rid of the problem! We call Nest Service and they came out and found the entry points right away! You guys are for real and I will always use them. Thanks

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Nest Pest responded quickly, explained what they were doing, what to expect, and what to look for. He set traps, followed up twice to ensure that no more work was necessary. Very thorough and professional.

July 22, 2022

Nest took a TERRIBLE infestation of cockroaches and got it under control. They were on time and the technicians knew what they were doing. The price quote was under other folks and they stood behind the job. All told I was impressed and will be back again.

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Commercial Insect Control Treatments

Although the bulk of our work comes from treating insect infestations at your home, we also have a lot of commercial clients. These customers need special care as the amount of business at their places can change quickly when a single bug or rodent is seen. Because of this, we take especial pains to keep your business pest free at the times and using the pest control techniques that are best for you and your own customers.

We have lots of solutions for our commercial pest control customers. Just read our page for some more information, otherwise give us a call and we’ll help create a targeted insect control (or rodent control) plan for your commercial, industrial or public property.

box elder bug on leaf in washington dc

We control lots of types of insects, like this box elder bug. They are completely harmless, but I’ve seen trees get decimated because of these little red-eyed insects.

millipede on paver near washington dc

Centipedes and millipedes like the one pictured aren’t strictly insects, but we have pest control solutions for these bugs, too.

velvet ant near washington dc

Velvet ants are ground-dwelling wasps that can sting and cause a lot of pain. Luckily, they are generally solitary. But if you happen to have a few at your home DO NOT TOUCH THEM! Their stings are one of the most painful. Ever. Just call us. 

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Think About It, We Really Are The Best Choice

We are local and attentive to your pest control issues.
We are experienced and knowledgeable. Experts in our field.

Our pricing is fair and a good value.

We are licensed and insured, protecting you and your family.

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Did you know…
There are over 900,000 species of insect known in the world? And there are and estimated 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) bugs on earth! These are the most prosperous class of animals by number and diversity. And they are extremely useful to humans, too. Well, a lot of these bugs are.

Of course, many are truly a pestilence. Cicadas make a real racket in the trees when they come above ground. Locusts eat entire crop fields overnight, cockroaches carry disease and bed bugs and mosquitoes bite. The latter also transmitting disease.

But butterflies are beautiful and some species travel over 10,000 feet in the air as they migrate from place to place. Bees, butterflies and even certain species of mosquito pollinate our food sources. Insects eliminate dead and rotting things from the surface of the earth and some insects even have medicinal uses that are being studied.

Insects are truly amazing.

Unless they are pestering you in your house. That’s where we come in!

black cricket on leaf near washington dc

Crickets will eat your carpets, and maybe keep you awake at night if they are in your house. They’ll eat a lot of your plants, too. So if you have an infestation of these insects, call us to help.


Got a question or two for us? We’ve been asked a lot over the years. Here are a couple questions you may want answered. If you still need to know something else, just drop a line or call us.

Are there any insects you do not control?
We remove honey bee hives to keep them useful and exterminate all the rest. We cannot control individual flying insects. Their nests may be miles away and that would be the only way to eliminate them for good. Beyond that limitation, though, we control all other pestilent insect populations at your property.
How soon will it work?
Pest control is a process. Our primary treatments are set two weeks apart for the most effective initial control possible. When you are set up on our continuous treatment plans, resurgent infestations become rarer as time goes on and the treatments become more and more effective. But really, you’ll notice an increase of activity right away, followed by a sharp decline in activity over the course of the first week.
Why "Nest Services" on the phone?
James started Nest Services, LLC back in 2007. We also have trade names registered for Nest Pest Control, Nest Pest Control Washington DC, and others to indicate the service and area we do service in. For instance, we used to have a division that removed trees, Nest Tree Removal Services. All these brands are under the same company, Nest Services LLC, and we primarily focus on pest control. All the rest are appendages to the main company.
What is the whole process?
After we communicate and set up a time to inspect your property, Nest Pest Control will come and do the initial inspection for whatever pest or pests are invading your home. We will then agree to a treatment plan of action. We will immediately treat for the pest, that day. If you have multiple pest control issues, we probably will set up separate treatment days to simplify things.

After all that, you breathe easy, It’s that simple.

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