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Nest Pest Control exterminates termites already infesting your home and prevents them from coming back!

Thousands Of Homes Protected From Termites in Washington DC

Termites Eat Houses in Washington and Surrounding Areas

Basic Pest Control Doesn’t Work With Termites

termite mud tubes from subterranean termites in washington dc

Mud tubes, leavings and wood rot in the basement of a home in Washington DC.

How do you know if you have termites?

  • Are there blisters in your floor that look similar to water damage?
  • Do you have hollowed out or damaged wood structures in your home?
  • Do you see actual termites, discarded wings and other evidence of swarming behavior?
  • Do you see mud tubes around your property?
  • Are there drywood termite droppings at your property? (Looks like piles of sawdust)

Nest Pest Control Will Destroy Termites
And Keep Them From Coming Back

Termites are a threat to homeowners in 49 states. Only Alaska has no termites. But they have other problems, like grizzly bears.

Since termites are here, there are many pest control companies trying to get you to buy control services from them. Nest Pest Control has been exterminating termites for more than 20 years and has successfully protected thousands of homes in that time.

We are constantly researching new techniques and if they are worthwhile, we implement them. For instance, we utilize a technique that prevents infestations in the ground and only very rarely do we need to tent a home for fumigation (it usually doesn’t need to be done except as a last resort) So our clients lives are disrupted far less than with many of our competitors.

We also offer termite inspections if you are selling a home. If you need one, click to find out more about our WDI report process.

Nest Kills Termites Fast With Almost No Intrusion on Your Family

detail of termites in a termite colony
Termites in a termite colony.

You Can Be Termite Free & Have Your Home Protected

Although slightly more active in warmer months, there is no true “season” for termites. Our year-round termite extermination and preventive services can keep you breathing easy with pest-free living.

Nest are the Termite Control Experts in Washington, DC

With over a thousand homes protected and decades of experience treating for termites, we are the area’s experts on termite treatment. We are determined to educate our clients on the benefits of preventive maintenance for termites and we really strive to make your experience a better one.

Pest Control expert applying termite control in washington dc

James applying a termite or general pest control solution to the exterior of a home in Washington DC.

wood rot from termites. needs termite control

Wood that has been eaten by termites is exceedingly brittle and could collapse on you and your family.

A Home Protected Against Termites Is a Family Protected.

Termites can cause a lot of damage. They can make your home structurally unsound, at risk of collapse. They are messy and leave all sorts of pilings all over the place. They’ll even rip off their own wings and leave them at entry points like your windows, just to bother you. Let us protect your home form all these things, both the minor irritations and major problems.

Customer Reviews Tell You The Story

We ask our customers to leave reviews, good and bad, so we can recognize what we do good and where to improve.

Amir hossein Ganjbakhsh
Amir hossein Ganjbakhsh
Nest Pest is the best we will recommend to anyone šŸ‘Œ
Musa Badaway
Musa Badaway
Nest Pest Control is the best they got rid of my mice problem. We tried everything and nothing work. Nest Pest came out and found all of the mice entry points. We will recommend Nest to anyone!
Jasmine Boatner
Jasmine Boatner
I had a yellow jacket infestation around my roofline. The technician had to remove my gutters and a wooden board to access the nest, so it was kind of a complicated job. He got the nest out, reattached everything, and caulked the roof so no more bees/wasps can make a nest there. He was very quick and efficient! He even swept up after he was done. Price was fairly reasonable when you factor in that the nest was difficult to access. Iā€™m glad the yellow jackets are gone and I can enjoy my balcony again!
Johanna Rosales
Johanna Rosales
Did an amazing job removing a hornets nest that grew on the side of my home on the second floor. They were quick, efficient and the price was reasonable! Will surely keep them in mind if I ever need pest removal again.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Found a new and thriving hornets nest on the back of my house this morning. I called Nest Pest after reading the great reviews. 4 hours later, two technicians showed up (on a Saturday) and were ready to take on the nest. They were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and I thought the price was quite reasonable. The job was completed safely and efficiently they provided good education.
Jennie Gross Black
Jennie Gross Black
Very responsive, fast, and thorough!!
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson
Thomas and his coworker were incredibly professional, hard working, and experts at what they do. They impressed not only me, but my neighbor as well who gladly accepted his business card. Iā€™m glad to be in good hands with your technicians and company. I am looking forward to the $65 monthly services to keep the rats away from our front yard. The initial $525 service included eradicating and identifying burrows, and the courtesy follow up (scheduled a week after initial service) is already scheduled. Although the initial service was expensive, it's worth every cent. And $65 a month after is a great deal. Thank you again.

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    brown winged termites from swarm near washington dc

    It’s Always Termite Season in DC

    When you think of termites, you might assume they hibernate in the winter. Some species do, but many , if they’ve found a good food source, just keep on munching. The best food source for termites? The cellulose in wood; and our houses have a lot of it.

    A long time ago the only way to get rid of termites was to tent a house and fog them to exterminate termites. These days we take a better approach. In fact, if you didn’t know what to look for, you might never notice a treatment being done, especially a preventive treatment!

    We treat the exterior of your home and make sure that there is a good termite barrier for many feet outward. And downward. Many termite species are subterranean (look at out FAQs) and these do the most damage.

    Our treatments are effective, they last for years, and are very competitive on prices. Reach out to us and set up a time to discuss this new method of treating termites and protect your home ASAP.

    Call Nest Pest Control Now!

    Termite Control is in high demand in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland, so call us immediately to get your termite control solution started ASAP. Also, here are some coupons that may help, you must mention them, though and they can’t be used after normal hours (after 6 PM most days).

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    All coupons are valid with announcement that you have seen them. However, coupons are NOT valid after “normal business hours” meaning after 6 PM or before 9 AM. We do offer emergency services 24/7, though, so if you need a pest removed at 2 AM (and we have the manpower to spare that particular night) we can accommodate you.

    Nest Pest Control is the best choice for Termite Control Service in Washington.

    We continuously train on better termite removal techniques

    We have been doing pest control for over 2 decades

    Our preventive services are top notch and will protect your home from ever getting termites

    We offer termite inspection services, including WDI Reports

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      There are thousands of termite species in the world and they can be pretty amazing creatures! In Africa, for instance, there are termites that build huge mounds where they live. Some termites even practice rudimentary farming techniques as they cultivate fungi and even grass for food.

      When a swarm of termites move to a new location, they fly. When they find the new place to be they remove their wings because they won’t need them anymore. This is why you will often find piles of wings where termites might enter a new structure, such as at windo and door frames.


      termite fungus garden detail image
      3 meter termite mounds in africa
      termite infestation in washington dc basement


      Lots of people have lots of questions for us. Sometimes they are about specific things like termite control. Sometimes the questions are about Nest Pest Control in Washington DC or specific policies. Here are a couple of questions you might have. If you need to know anything else, please call us!

      How much does termite service cost?

      Termite service costs depend on a few factors like how big is the infestation? What kind of termites are affecting you? And do you need to exterminate or prevent an infestation? Also, the size of the house or property is a factor. Prevention is always the less expensive, especially when you account for damage to a home.

      We also offer WPI inspections which are about $600.

      Call us and we can offer a free estimate and get a good idea of what you are dealing with, too.

      What kind of termites are there?

      There are over 50 species of termites in North America, classed into three major groups.

      Subterranean termites: These are the termites that cause most of the destruction to properties in the US. On the order of 70%-80%, depending on where you live. Nest Pest Control targets these termites aggressively.

      Drywood Termites. These termites often form several colonies in a single home. They cause about 20% of the damage to structures here in America. They particularly damage wood in furniture, framing and flooring.

      Dampwood termites are responsible for the reaminder of the economic destruction in the USA. They primarily eat wet wood, as their name suggests. To lessen their effect on homes, keep woodpiles dry and removed from structures. Seal and paint wood on your home and, of course, get Nest Pest Control to proactively prevent an infestation.

      By the way, there are over 1000 species of termite in Africa. Some of them even farm fungus and grass!

      Who will answer when I call Nest Pest Control?

      Usually James, the owner, will answer your call. However, you may be transferred to our team in the office so they can get you the best appointment time available. If you ever need to, please just ask to talk to James and he’ll help you out.

      Who owns Nest Pest Control?

      Nest Pest Control is a DBA of Nest Services, LLC. Both are owned by James Williams and he’ll usually answer the phone. If you want to read more about James’s story, just click here.

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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)