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Rodents Spread Disease, Eat Your Food And Destroy Your Property

Traditional Rodent Control Doesn’t Always Work

picture of a mouse for mice and rats exterminator in washington dc

Mice have bigger ears and eyes in proportion to rats.

Get Started With Better Rodent Control

  • Keep disease carriers out of your home and space.
  • Protect your family, your food and your home from rodent destruction.
  • Keep regular inspections to ensure no new rodent activity.
  • Free inspections (must ask for it) identify what types of rodents you have and the level of activity in your space.
  • We seal up their entry points to keep you protected longer.
  • We treat all types of rodents from mice and rats to squirrels and gophers

Nest Pest Control is The Answer With Excellent Rodent Control Service

It all starts with an inspection. We will check throughout your home to find out entry points and nesting areas. Once identified, we can create a customized control solution for you.

We then lay rodenticide bait. This poison dehydrates the rodents, causing them to seek water sources, usually outside. We will also lay different types of traps designed for the rodent in your house.

After the rodents are found to be gone from your home, we seal up any holes and entry points to keep them from coming back. Sometimes this is minor or quite extensive. We’ll help you figure out the best solution for your situation.

Get Rid Of Rodent Pests Fast With Nest Pest Control

james owner nest pest control with client

James, on the right, with a client.

Live Pest-Free with Rodent Control

In Washington DC, we have a lot of rodents to worry about. Could be mice, or rats, or squirrels. We will eliminate any of these problems so you can breathe easy in you own home again.

Removing Rodents In Washington For 20 years

When it comes to rodent removal, Nest Pest Control is the expert you know. We will help remove these pests from your home quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

rat on dock waiting for exterminator washington dc

Rats can be mean and will eat most anything.

clean comfortable house representing easy pest control in Washington dc

Protect your home with Nest Pest Control.

No bites, No Disease, No Damage

Rodents cause all these things, plus they can bring in fleas that will cause you and your pets a lot of torment. Put a stop to it all by using our control treatments to fix the situation.

Our Customer Reviews Say It All

We ask our customers to leave reviews, good and bad, so we can recognize what we do good and where to improve.

Rodent Control
July 22, 2022

Thank you soooooooooooo much James and your team for ridding my house of mice. I had traps in my house, electronic devices and they were still coming in out of the cold.
I was terrified when I made a late night call to a 24 hour service line and thank goodness you answered your phone.
I appreciate your promptness, professionalism and over all customer service.
I would DEFINITELY recommend you guys to anyone with pest problem.
I can sleep peacefully now

Bed Bugs Exterminator
July 22, 2022

James at Nest Pest Control was the best! We were doing Airbnb and some guests brought bedbugs to our home. We didn’t even know we had them. We got a free assessment and James showed us where they were. While we could only find them in the Airbnb guest room we opted for an entire house treatment as it was the only way they could guarantee extermination. Good thing we did! Weeks later we were still having problems in the guest room and now in our own room. James had to come back two or three times. Thank goodness the company guaranteed extermination for 90 days because despite all our efforts those little things can hide. Its now been 5 1/2 months since we found out about the bed bugs and we can say they haven’t come back anywhere in our home. James responded quickly to any of my texts or calls with concern and even helped my mom who had stayed with us and was worrying about them spreading to her home. On top of all this we didn’t lose any of our furniture! He was able to treat it all.

Wildlife Removal
July 22, 2022

What a fantastic pest control service! James and the entire Nest Pest Control team were professional, responsive and fast whenever I needed to reach out to them.
He has even gone above his normal pest control duties and caught a raccoon! Good job, guys, thanks for all the hard work.

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We Control Rodents On Farms And Commercial Properties, Too

We don’t just work inside Washington, DC. The images below were of a job we did in Rosaryville, MD. A farm was having a terrible time in keeping the rats out of a particular outbuilding. They noticed that even though there were rat traps placed all over the stables and that they were using all sorts of bait, the problem wasn’t being solved.

Since they were stabling horses, there needed to be a better, professional solution. They called us up and we went out to inspect the property. What we found was surprising. Everyone expects mice and rats and other rodents to get in through the main doors. Maybe through a window. But what we found is that these rodents were burrowing under the building.

We reported our findings and suggested a mesh inlay in concrete seals for the entire foundation. We then proceeded to dig a trench, lay the mesh and pour the concrete. Since then the troubles are gone and we have another customer breathing easy again!

Mice & Rat Exterminator in Washington DC | Nest Pest Control

The stables in Rosaryville, MD. We started by identifying all the entry points.

rodent control hole before sealing up

This is farther down the same wall. We found 14 entry points and several more that were begun.

rodent control hole seal during sealing process

We started by identifying all the entry and exits. Then exterminated all the current rat residents. After that, we dug a trench around the perimeter of the building and laid mesh into it. This is us measuring the mesh before mixing with concrete and final placement.

After the concrete was laid, we buried it with earth, sod and rocks as shown below.

rodent removal hole sealed near washington
rodent control hole sealed near washington dc

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Our Calendar fills up fast, don’t miss out on your best time for us to come and inspect for rodents.

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In Washington DC, Nest Is The Right Choice

We have the experience the job requires.
We have the know-how to get it done right, and right now.
We are licensed, insured and all the other things.
We will educate you on the whole process, every step of the way.

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We Exterminate With CO…
One option we use when exterminating rodents is this carbon monoxide generator. Basically it is a motor that pumps the exhaust along a tube that we place in rodent burrows. It will kill them and protect your home from further infestation.

We don’t always use it, but it is sure handy to have when we need it. In the old days, we’d have to tear up the flower beds to find the tunnels and flush out the rat. It’s a lot faster and safer these days.

Whatever the situation requires, we are prepared to handle it for you. So give Nest a call and allow us to make your home yours again.

carbon monoxide machine for rodent control
carbon monoxide kills rats washington
james searching for bugs


Got questions about rodent control, Nest Services or pest control in general? Just ask. For your convenience, here are a few popular questions to read:

Are rats dangerous to me or my family?
In short, yes.

The primary reason rats are dangerous is the disease they carry, like bubonic plague. However, since they are often host to fleas and ticks, there are a lot of diseases they can pass along. They also run through their own urine and droppings, spreading bacteria and viruses that way, too.

They can also bite and their bites sometimes are disease-ridden too. So don’t mess with rats. If you see one in your home, call us.

How can I tell the difference between a rat and a mouse?
“First, look at their droppings. Mice droppings are smaller, maybe a quarter-inch long. They also have pointed ends.
Rat droppings are larger, perhaps up to three-quarters of and inch. And they are more brick-shaped, squarish and chunky.

Second, see what they are eating. Mice tend to go toward fresher food and carbs, like flour, grains and the like. Rats are more omnivorous and will eat tuna, pet food and other foods you might be surprised by.

Finally, rats and mice do not get along. They’ve been known to kill and eat mice. Rats don’t even get along with other rat species. They tend to battle it out and Norway rats tend to win. Regardless, you have a mouse or a rat problem, not both at the same time, and you need to call us out immediately.”

How do I get rid of mice?
If you live near a field or in the woods, you’ll probably have to deal with mice every fall/winter. To prevent them from invading your home, inspect it carefully. Seal up any holes, especially in the foundation and other areas accessible to them. A good rule of thumb is that if you can stick a pencil in the hole, a mouse can get in. Trim branches on trees away from the house, at least 10 feet and put weather stripping in all windows and doors.

If mice are already in. your home, do not set bait out where it is easily accessible by children or pets. Rather, find their traces and place bait, traps and other things there. Remember, you might catch a mouse, but then you’ll have to dispose of it. This can be traumatizing to some if the mouse is still alive when you come to it.

The best option to get rid of mice is to call Nest Pest Control. We’ll come out, do an inspection and come up with a plan. Then you can sit back and relax while we take care of all the details!

How do I get rid of rats?
Frankly, rats are a lot harder to get rid of than mice. They are larger and more aggressive, and somewhat more intrepid. Plus they burrow underground, usually, and are hard to track down. Never place baits where children and pets can reach. Instead, take the sure and easy route and call Nest. We’ll help you come up with the proper solution and take care of it all so you can rest easy.

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