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Mice Carry Disease. Mice Eat Your Food. Mice Damage Walls, Electrical and More.

Rats Are Just As Big A Problem As Mice.

picture of a mouse for mice and rats exterminator in washington dc

Common field mouse. But they don’t always stay in the field, do they?

Why You Need Mouse Extermination Service:

  • Mice are cute, but dirty, diseased and destroy everything!
  • We hunt mice down and find all their hiding places. So they won’t destroy your home anymore.
  • We kill them with a bait and close up entry points.
  • We come back to make sure they are gone for good.

You Need Nest Pest Control To Exterminate Mice & Rats At Your Home

Mice & Rats are problem rodents for humans and have been for thousands of years. They love to eat the same plants we do, especially grain like wheat, corn and oats. Which is why you so often see them in your pantry, after they’ve chewed through your food containers to get it.

Because they are such prolific chewers, mice tend to chew through walls. When they cain an entry point, they will use it and continue expanding their burrows inside your walls. Sometimes rats or mice will chew on the electrical wires. It may kill them, but they’ll take out the power and potentially cause a fire hazard, too.

These rodents are prolific breeders, too. If you’ve noticed mice or rats at your home, you need to get them under control and exterminated quickly or you could bee the epicenter of their new clan.

When we exterminate mice, we hunt down all their entry points and close them up, thus we make sure that the cannot get back in without chewing through again. But the mesh we put up in their entry holes will stop them, too.

Stop Playing Cat-and-Mouse. Nest Pest Control Makes It Easy to Get Rid Of Mice.

james owner nest pest control with client

James, on the right, with a client.

You Won’t Need Any More Mousetraps

With Nest Pest Control’s mice extermination service, we will ensure that your home is rodent-free and able to be safely lived in. We do this with a two-pronged approach. On the first day, we lay out the desiccating poison. It’ll drive the mice and rats to water sources outside. Then we close up entry points. keeping these rodents from returning. We follow up a couple of weeks later to make sure they are gone. (Ask for details at your appointment)

We Are Washington’s Expert Mice Exterminators

We also kill rats, squirrels and other rodents, but mice seem to be the most prevalent rodent here in Washington DC. We’ve been killing rats and mice for years and we have the experience needed to claim that expertise. We also continue to train and educate our staff on the best treatment services available for our customers.

rat on dock waiting for exterminator washington dc

Rats are common in Washington DC and Baltimore.

clean comfortable house representing easy pest control in Washington dc

Protect your home with Nest Pest Control.

Breathe Easy Without A Mouse in the House

Our treatments are guaranteed to work and you will soon be able to come home to a clean, protected, mouse-free house. Relax and know that your family will be safe from the disease that these rodents carry and your home will have one less thing to worry about.

Don’t Believe Us, Read What Our Customers Say

We ask our customers to leave reviews, good and bad, so we can recognize what we do good and where to improve.

Rodent Control
July 22, 2022

Nest Services did a great great get ride of my mice problem. We will use them again if we [ever have] a problem.

Wildlife Removal
July 22, 2022

What a fantastic pest control service! James and the entire Nest Pest Control team were professional, responsive and fast whenever I needed to reach out to them.
He has even gone above his normal pest control duties and caught a raccoon! Good job, guys, thanks for all the hard work.

Rodent Control
July 22, 2022

My son saw a rat in his new apartment (Friday night) but companies that we called weren't able to come until Monday. James responded right away and Dejohn came out within two hours to take care of it. They were professional and responsive. My son would have been fretting all weekend without their quick service.

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    Stay Pest-Free Long-Term

    The best thing about using Nest Pest Control is that we can stay on top of pest control for you. You won’t have to set up reminders to spray, set traps or bait or poison or anything else. We’ll do it all for you. And, if you choose any of our long-term plans, we can keep your home pest-free for years.

    This includes free of rats and mice. We want to make sure you are taken care of long into the future. Give us a call and let’s chat about what kind of pest control service you need from here on out.

    Mice & Rat Exterminator in Washington DC | Nest Pest Control

    This is an outbuilding near Washington DC where we stopped the rats from entering in. Notice the entry holes near the base of the structure.

    rodent control hole before sealing up

    This is farther down th e same wall. We found 14 entry points and severla that were being started but the rat hadn’t made it all the way through yet.

    rodent control hole seal during sealing process

    We did this rat extermination job over the course of three days. The first day was inspection, laying of traps and bait and identifying all the entry points. This image is us laying a mesh wire along a trench we would dig at the foundation. This mesh will keep rats out of the foundation.

    rodent removal hole sealed near washington

    After laying the mesh, we puored concrete over and around it to strengthen the defenses. then we layed the dirt back over the surface.

    rodent control hole sealed near washington dc

    This is the end result. Holes sealed up and a nice rock backfill (and turf in some places) to finish up. Rats shouldn’t be entering this building agin, at least not from any holes. They might still enter a door if left open.

    Our schedule fills up quickly and you need service, so call and get booked, today.

    When you call now, we can set up a time that is more convenient to come to your home. Don’t miss your window.

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    You Need The Best. Nest Is The Best in Washington DC

    We have the expertise, pricing and service you deserve.
    We’ve been doing this a long time and have lots of experience.
    Our tools are the best, so are the techniques.
    We will close up the holes and treat the root of the problem, not just kill the mice.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      Mice are found in nearly every climate and locale in the nation. Maybe in the icy wastes of the far, far north in Alaska they aren’t there, but everywhere else they are. They seem particularly fond of urban and suburban areas, too. They are excellent clibers, sometimes entering your home through a hole in the soffits or even vent fans on the roof. These little guys, not usually more than 2 inches long and maybe an ounce in weight, are really good at getting into homes through cracks and small openings that most people tend to look over.

      Mice and rat activity tends to pick up in the fall and early winter. Not because of the cooler weather, but because their food sources become exceedingly scarce. There aren’t a lot of seeds and nuts around this time. So they seek out other sources and usually find plenty of food in your home.

      Below, you can see one type of improvement to rat control over the years, we pump CO (carbon monoxide) into the crevices where no trap can reach. We monitor the levels to make sure they are safe for residents (who are always out of the townhomes when we do this) and kill the rats.


      carbon monoxide machine for rodent control
      carbon monoxide kills rats washington
      james searching for bugs


      You might be wondering about the behavior of mice or rats, or have questions about our company or service. Here are a few, if you want to know any more, please call us.

      Why do mice & Rats spread disease?
      The primary way that mice and rats spread disease id through their droppings. These are on a surface that you might touch, or the mouse will run through it’s own dropping on the trace it uses to get from place to place. Then you touch that surface and become infected.
      Do Mice or Rats Bite?
      Although there are reports of these rodents biting, it is pretty rare. They are not particularly aggressive but will defend themselves when cornered. Yet another reason to let the experts take care of the situation. We are trained in different mouse control techniques and have the equipment to protect ourselves.
      Who will answer the phone when I call Nest Pest Control?
      Almost always the answering party will be James Williams, the owner of Nest Services (Nest Pest Control is a DBA) and he’ll either connect you with a dispatch technician. Often, he’ll set and attend the appointment, too.
      How long has Nest been in business?
      James started exterminating pests in the 90s, however, in 2007, he started his own company and has been going strong since then.

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      Fill out this form about your pest control problem and we'll call you back!

        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)