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Spiders Invading Your Home Is No Joke

From their venom to the general fear we most of us have of spiders, this can be a rough situation.

jumping spider in flight near washington dc

Jumping spiders live here in Washington DC. Although not aggressive, their quick jumps can startle people.

Spider control services are needed, fast!

  • Some spiders are venomous and could injure you or your family.
  • Many spin webs that can be all over the place and difficult to remove.
  • Some people are especially allergic to spider bites.
  • Arachnophobia is a common fear. A general mild fear is even more common.

We Are Spider Control Experts

Spiders are generally a beneficial creature. They capture, kill and eat many lower insects, many of which we consider pests. Their silk is amazing and all sorts of applications are made with it.

But having spiders all over your house isn’t all that amazing. Its just plain annoying and potentially dangerous. That’s why we do what we do.

We locate the nest and start there. By finding out where they are coming from, we can eliminate spiders at the source. Since they also might be coming in from outside, we ID all potential ingress points and will help you determine the best approach to closing off these points.

Relax. We Make Spider Control Easy To Do.

detail of termites in a termite colony

Wolf spiders hont their prey fiercely. But they usually leave people alone, until they find out that your house is a good house for them, too.

Talk to James, He’ll Set You Up

James owns Nest Pest Control and he sets up almost all the appointments. So call, ask your questions and we’ll get out to your place right away to get rid of those spiders.

We’ve Been Doing Spider Control For Years.

We have about 20 years as a company and 100 years combined experience in pest control. With all that experience, you will be taken care of well.

black widow spider near washington DC

Black widows live all over the country and Washington is no exception. We can help keep your family safe, even from these spiders.

James in front of white truck for Nest Pest Control services in Washington DC

We take all pest control seriously. This is James arriving at a customer’s house near Washington DC.

2 Treatments, 2 Weeks Apart

Sometimes a single treatment—no matter how good the products used—doesn’t do the job. So we will come back about two weeks later, if needed, and retreat. This will ensure you get the best outcome.

Sometimes The Best Proof Is Reviews

We get reviews all the time, some are great, like those shown here. And some help us become a better company. Either way, here is a glimpse of who we are.

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Thomas did an excellent job. He came to my house on short notice and inspected the areas thoroughly. He came back one week later to make sure we were not having any problems. I would totally recommend Thomas to make sure the job is done. Very professional and pleasant to work with. 5+ rating!

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Nest Pest responded quickly, explained what they were doing, what to expect, and what to look for. He set traps, followed up twice to ensure that no more work was necessary. Very thorough and professional.

July 29, 2022

Nest Pest Control has been treating my home for years. The pests we ever see anymore are minimal and dead outside the house. We've been able relax and enjoy our house as it is pest-free. Thanks, James, for helping us have a better experience

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grass spider in burrow near washington DC

This is a grass spider in it’s burrow. These live here, too and can become rather infesting to your yard at times.

We Are Local Pest Control. And It Shows!

If you’ve ever tried to deal with a large national chain for anything, you realize quickly that it can be hard to get an issue resolved or even have the people understand where you are coming from. Local companies work differently. You are our lifeblood, the way we can feed our families, so we take pains to make sure you are treated right, right from the start.

When it comes to spider control issues, we know the spiders in the area, from black widows to common house spiders and know how to treat them all.

When it comes to service, we put you at the forefront and will bend over backwards to make sure you have a good experience. We all have bad days, though, so if something isn’t up to your expectations, call James and let him know. We’ll try to make it right.

Call Now Or We May Not Be Able to Schedule You In For A While

Don’t delay calling us to set up an appointment until its too late. We we work with your schedule to find the best time.

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Nest Is Washington’s Best Spider Control Company

We have the experience, training and know-how to effectively control spiders at your location.
We are licensed and insured, protecting you and your family.
You need to get this spider problem under control promptly, and we are an effective solution.
We have long-term treatment plans available.

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Did you know…

There are over 48,000 species of spiders in the world. Most of them live for about two years or less, but tarantulas generally live to about 20+ years! The oldest living spider was named “”Number 16.”” She lived in the wild in Australia until she was 43.

Recently, scientists (actually a student!) at Rice University have used spider corpses as robotic arms to help deftly pick up small objects. This isn’t something I’d suggest trying at home, but it will be a useful, and cheap, way to produce certain types of mechanical things.

The primary reason you should be concerned with a sudden influx of spiders at your home is that they can be an indicator of an increase of their prey, other pest bugs. And with an increased food source, spiders can quickly breed into an infestation.

We do suggest if it is a single spider or two that you notice then remove them outside where they can capture flies, mosquitoes, and other pests in the yard. If you have many spiders inside the home, call us and we’ll make sure to control their population and habitat properly.

grass spider

A grass spider.

common house spider

A common house spider.

wolf spider on wall near washington dc

A wolf spider on a wall near Washington. Although similar-looking to a grass spider, it has smaller spinnarets and a different eye arrangement.


We know that not all of your questions have been answered on this page about spider control in Washington DC, so here are a couple that are commonly asked. Then, call us and ask any more you have and we’ll get you educated to make a good decision.

How much do treatments cost?
Single-service treatments start at about $225 with 2 treatments 7-17 days apart. If your house is large, the infestation is particularly egregious or other factors might change the pricing. *This was valid at the beginning of 2022 and prices are always subject to change.
Do you do long-term treatment plans?
Yes! We have monthly, semi-monthly and quarterly treatment options available. They start at 130 for every 3 months. Call for current pricing and availability.
Will I really speak with the owner?

James answers the phone about 98% of the time. When he cannot answer, his office staff will take over. If you need to speak with him about a particular matter, though, please call and we’ll get you to him as soon as he’s available.

James is the owner of Nest Services, LLC, the company. Nest Pest Control is a DBA of the company and is thus also owned by James.

Are you a local company?
Yes, we have a home office in Greenbelt and several satellite offices around DC/Baltimore.

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