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We’ll Kill All The Roaches in Your Home. Guaranteed.*

*We set up two visits to your home, two weeks apart and guarantee the results for a minimum of 3 months after the second visit. Ask for more details.

We’ve Exterminated Millions of Roaches Over the last 20+ Years

If You’ve Seen One Cockroach, You Can Be Sure There Are Many, Many More.

It’s Hard To Kill All The Roaches On Your Own

cockroach exterminator inspecting cabinets in Washington DC

James looks for evidence of roach infestation in Washington DC. Evidence includes droppings, tracks, living and dead roaches and chewed things.

Do you have these indications of a cockroach infestation?

  • You have seen roaches in your home, usually by the kitchen or pantry.
  • There are little black flakes all over. This is cockroach feces.
  • You’ve killed many, but they keep showing up.
  • You thought you just had water bugs or palmetto bugs, then you got a good look at one and realized they are the same thing!

You Need Nest Pest Control To Exterminate Those Cockroaches

Cockroaches are prevalent all throughout the United States. They are worse here in the Southeast, though. They are also tough little bugs who can live in may places others cannot.

Cockroaches, termites and bedbugs are really what started the pest control industry as we know it today. Since these bugs carry so much disease and eat our food, we need to control their populations.

In Nature, roaches are useful insects that break down deadwood and other insect carcasses. They are kind of the recycling centers of the dirt. But they also carry a lot of disease, so they are not a good mix in your home.

Nest Pest Control has been controlling cockroach infestations for 20 years and we know what we are doing. We are good at eliminating these bugs.

Just A Call or Text And We Can Start Your Pest Control Service

cockroach in washington dc

American cockroach specimen. Note the lighter “figure 8” pattern on the back of the thorax.

You can be free of cockroaches in no time.

We will send out a tech and inspect the home. Then service your home at the same time. Then, if there is continuing issues, we do a second treatment about two weeks later and then no more roaches!

Nest Is The Expert Cockroach Exterminator In DC

Nest has been eliminating roach problems in the DC area for more than two decades. All this experience has made us one of the top exterminators in the area, so you can rest easy knowing the experts are here to solve the roach problem with you.

Pest Control Expert washington dc inspecting bushes and laying spray

James applying a general pest control maintenance solution to the exterior of a home in Washington DC. It kills cockroaches, too.

dead cockroach in washington dc

The only good roach is a dead roach.

Breathe Easy With No Roaches in Sight

They’ll also be gone from behind the walls, near the plumbing, in your drains and wherever else they are hiding. We’ll also make a strong barrier to keep them away from your residence. If you opt for one of our maintenance packages, you should never see a roach in your home again.

Read Reviews From Our Customers

We ask our customers to leave reviews, good and bad, so we can recognize what we do good and where to improve.

Pest Control
July 22, 2022

Nest Pest Control was timely, thorough, and took the care to walk me through the process as they addressed it. James, the owner, answered the phone and was able to schedule an appointment the next day. James and his team are personable, professional, and responsive. I highly recommend their services.

bee hive removal
July 22, 2022

Great work. Quickly and easily removed this bald-faced hornet nest from my house.
bald faced hornet nest on home near washington dc

Rodent Control
July 22, 2022

I called this service at about 630 pm after a rodent had made its way into my basement by chewing through some foam sealant.
I called and reached James and I told him to please send someone asap. Within 20 minutes, his team was THERE. I called other companies and spoke to switchboard operators who were going to get back to me or I left messages on voicemail systems. No one ever called back at that time of day. This company will answer your call, day or night. They CARE! Luiz and Paulo were the crew who came out and they were sooooo prompt, friendly, quick to access the situation, efficient and effective and just general lifesavers! Nest Pest prices are really reasonable too. I suspect this company will overtake all their competitors one day. Just watch. They are AWESOME. It was like calling a family member for help. I will never use any other company. Seriously, don't waste your time looking anywhere else. They are the answer to your immediate pest control needs.

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brown winged termites from swarm near washington dc

Roach Hunting In Washington DC

Have you ever called a company in tears because of the problem you are having? Have you ever tried every solution you could to fix it? This customer had.

She tried bait, and traps, and roach motels. She tried all the big brands of sprays and even glues (good for mice, but not necessarily for roaches). She even tried diatomaceous earth, which probably did more good than she realized, but it wasn’t enough. So she called us.

When we arrived, we went to work looking for all the places they might be coming in her home and made some reccommendations to seal up her home. We laid our more powerful bait (the roaches eat it, dessicate back at the lair, other roaches eat the dead ones, and they die, too!) sprayed our pro-grade insecticide in all the right places at the right concentrations and followed up in two weeks and did it again.

No more roaches.

We Are Busy, So Call To Claim Your Spot Today!

Roaches are always infesting Washington DC, so we are always busy with exterminating them. In fact, we are open 24 hours, but that isn’t always enough. So you need to call now so we can get to your home and take care of the problem.

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We Really Are The Best Choice For Cockroach Control In Washington DC

We have extensive training on how to properly exterminate cockroach infestations.

We have years—decades—of experience.

Our preventive & pest control maintenance services are excellent for long-term control.

With free inspections (ask for one!), or payment toward the services, you can’t go wrong.

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Did you know…

Cockroaches are known by different names all over the world. Palmetto bugs and water bugs are especially prevalent in the southern USA. In Australia, they call ’em “cockies”, in other places a croton bug, a Bombay canary or even a blackbeetle and, of course, la cucaracha. No wonder there are so many names, there are over 4600 species of cockroach!

In America, there are primarily two species we are concerned with, though: the American cockroach and the German cockroach. The first image on the left, below, is an American cockroach. These bugs are actually not native to the Americas, but rather thought to have been brought over from Africa in the 1600s.

They are the largest roaches we have, from 1″ to 2-1/4″ in length.

The middle image is of a German roach. These are smaller at about 1/2″ when full grown. The only easy way to tell these two apart is by capturing one and studying their markings. But do you really want to do that?

The last image is of James, the owner of Nest Pest Control, in the bushes putting down a spray for cockroaches.

american cockroach
german cockroach
man spraying pest control application in bushes in washington dc


Do you have a question about cockroaches, our policies or pest control in general? Here are acouple of questions peole commonly ask. If you have another, just pick up the phone and call! (Or, send a message)

What does your cockroach extermination service cost?

When we come and inspect your home for service, we’ll let you know the exact amount. It will change based on the amount of infestation, maintenance packages chosen, size of the home and time of day you need it done. But typically, it starts at $225 for two treatments about one or two weeks apart to eliminate a roach problem, plus maintenance.

What if the roaches come back?
If there is a resurgence, we will come back and retreat it. Usually there is a small increase in activity after our initial visit. All the insecticide everywhere has these bugs scrambling for a new place to go. After about two weeks, they should all be dead, or close to it, and you shouldn’t see anymore, regularly. Occasionally, one will fly in an open doorway or something, but it will be rare. If there is a resurgence, call us up, we’ll come out again. If you are on our maintenance plan, we’ll do it at no cost, too.
What's the first step to getting a treatment?

You need to send us a message using our online form, call us, or even text message us. James or his office assistants will give you a call back and go over scheduling.

Who owns Nest Pest Control?

James Williams is the sole owner of Nest Services, LLC and Nest Pest Control is a DBA os Nest Services.

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