Bed Bug Control Washington DC

We Kill Bed Bugs Dead!

When this customer was overrun by bed bugs, Nest Pest Control Helped Them Out!

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Bed Bug Control Washington DC

We Kill Bed Bugs So You Can Rest Easy!

About this Bed Bug Extermination Job

Bed bugs are a constant nuisance in Washington DC and all throughout the area. That’s why we specialize in treatment that works and kills them. The trick is to get them all

When we go on the hunt for bed bugs we look everywhere. They might be in your bed, of course, but often they are hanging out on the floor or the couch like this customer’s infestation. Then we start killing them.

Since bed bugs are so resilient, you need to surround them then basically cook them until they no longer are alive. Then we put a chemical that kills the rest and keeps new bed bugs away. That’s what we are here for!

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Make sure you and your family are safe from these parasites. We will kill the bugs and keep you pest-free. Just give us a call so we can get you the best price and the best service in DC.

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