Raccoon Removal Washington DC

We Keep These Critters From Making A Mess.

Is a raccoon or squirrel in your attic?

Is a raccoon or other wildlife tipping your trash out on the street?

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Le us help.

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Raccoon Removal Washington DC

We Get Rid Of Raccoons & Other Wildlife!

We Moved This Raccoon To A Better Place

Catching raccoons isn’t the easiest job. They are cute, but fierce and mean! They bite, scratch and are pretty strong, too.

When we were asked to check out the attic to see what was happening, we found it in major disarray.

raccoon attic destruction washington dcThe raccoon was still there, but we scared him out of the attic! After we found out the entry hole for this critter, we plugged it up (unfortunately, we do not perform roof repair for these things, but we wanted at least to keep other ‘coons from entering) and then we started our hunt.

We next found him outside, almost as if he was waiting for us. Luckily, he was hungry and I have some great smelling food for bait. After a little coaxing and a lot of running around, we got him into this cage and we had him captured! We took him to a forest in the country where he could better live without too much interaction with other people.

If you have a raccoon problem, or any other wildlife removal need, give us a call, we can likely help!

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Here Are A Few More Wildlife Control Services We Provide

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Squirrel Capture

Squirrels are usually harmless, but occasionally they’ll make a mess of your attic, bird feeders and anything else they can make a mess of. We capture these guys and put them in local parks and woods where they will be better off.

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Possum Removal

When the possums come around, they can bring deadly diseases, too. Let the expert wildlife removal techs at Nest Pest Control get rid of these creatures so you don’t get hurt.

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Mice & Rat Control

We help eliminate the house-bound rodents that carry so many diseases and make a terrible mess in your pantry. Give us a call if you have trouble catching any rodents.

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Snakes & More

We also catch snakes, gophers and birds. Some snakes, like the pictured cottonmouth, are definitely better left to the experts!

A Great Testimonial

Nest Pest Control was timely, thorough, and took the care to walk me through the process as they addressed it. James, the owner, answered the phone and was able to schedule an appointment the next day. James and his team are personable, professional, and responsive. I highly recommend their services.

Ligeia Brody, Washington DC

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