Cockroach Extermination Washington DC

We Keep The Roaches From Taking Over!
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Cockroach Extermination Washington DC

We kill roaches. Dead!

Roach Hunting In DC

Ugh. Cockroaches.

No one likes them, and for good reason, they carry disease, are dirty little bugs, they look creepy, they fly! For all these reasons and more, people are fighting a major war against roaches from infesting their homes.

This homeowner called us and was almost in tears asking what could be done to destroy the cockroaches invading her home. Sometime people call these things waterbugs or even palmetto bugs to try and make themselves feel better, but no matter what way you look at it, roaches are disgusting and we were needed to clear them out!

We arrived and immediately went to work. We first hunted down all the different places they could sneak into the home. Cracks in the foundation, exhaust vents and open windows and doors are favorite entry points for these pests. We sealed them and applied a poison that kills them.

Since cockroaches eat each other, too (I know, gross!) we make sure we give them a poison that allows them to get back to their nest and will infect the rest of the community. My skin is crawling writing this description, but that’s what we do! We eliminated all signs of cockroach activity from this house!

Since you need us to control the roaches at your house, give us a call!

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