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Termite Control Treatment Washington DC

We Eliminate The Termite Threat & Keep It Away!

We Treated A Home For Termites In Washington

Termite season is here! It’s always here!

They sleep for a second in the winter, but then termites seek out food and warmth so they can start new colonies. The best place for both? our wooden homes!

In the old days, we used to tent a home and spray termite fog all over the place, trying to get in every nook and cranny to make it so your house could be protected. These days, we use a better method that is so much less impressive looking, but the termite treatment works so much better!

We treat the exterior of your home and make sure that there is a great barrier for many feet outward. And downward. That’s right, we make sure that termites won’t burrow through the ground and show up in the foundation while you were protecting the roof!

Our treatments are effective and last for years, too, so reach out to us and lets set up a time to discuss this new method of treating your termites ASAP.

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